Saturday, December 29, 2012

Feedback in the Fabric Store

While shopping for fabric, I met a woman who asked me what I intended to make with all that fabric, which was overflowing by-the-bolt from my cart. I showed her some of my ideas for color and texture combinations to which she replied, "Wow, what a great imagination...I never would have though of putting those together...beautiful." 
Her comment to me reinforced that my vision for color and texture is indeed unique to others, while still being second nature to me. Many scarves are on the market and I hope to continue to set mine apart by their and intuitive combinations and designs.

Voila: Vision & inspiration into a unique infinity scarf.

The photos are of the finished scarf I made from the material I showed the woman. This will be an edition of two; only two scarves will exist  like this one picture.

These scarves, and others with lighter materials, will list on Etsy as spring approaches. 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Now Open! Trail Pixie Studios Etsy Shop

Ringing, bringing, singing and sewing in 2013 with my Etsy Shop Grand opening:

I hope you enjoy and visit often. Over the next weeks I will add many of the things I created during the past months, as well as new items I am busy designing.

Please Note:
  • Trail Pixie Studios will be out of town December 23 - 28. All orders placed during this time will ship between December 29 and 31.
  • Did you know that USPS shipping will increase on January 27, 2013? if you want to save on shipping consider purchasing before the rates increase.
  • Special for the Phillips Academy Andover campus: If you work at/attend Andover, please send me a message (through the Etsy Shop) before ordering to save on shipping… your purchase may be hand delivered! 

 I am so excited to share what I make with you. 
Happy New Year

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Friday, December 14, 2012

Wearing a Work of Art: Sharon Arts Fine Craft Gallery

Last week I delivered 50 of my infinity scarves to the Sharon Arts Fine Craft Gallery in Peterborough, New Hampshire. I am thrilled to be part of this exceptional shop and community of artisans and craftspeople.

In choosing material for my scarves, I consider its hand, color, texture, and pattern. Textiles are like paint swatches; their combinations create new colorful impressions. Sometimes a fabric needs autonomy while another is emphasized or complemented by the company of others. 

When I design a collection, I select fabric that stands on its own and inspires a body of related pieces. Most scarves from a series like this are one-of-a-kind inventions. For some —a scarf is a scarf is a scarf. Still, I believe that each one is a portable composition to be worn and displayed in a variety of ways. The bearer becomes a participant in the composition, as well.

 How is it worn and with what other colors and textures? 

The owner improvises to create a personalized aesthetic.

When Ramona, of the Sharon Arts Center School, wore one of my infinity scarves to a meeting at the Sharon Arts Center in Peterborough, she modeled it so beautifully that others inquired, like Gillie, SAC Craft Gallery Coordinator. This began my representation at the Sharon Arts Fine Craft Gallery!  Thank you, Ramona, Gillie, and all others who enjoy wearing... a work of art!

 This fuscia in ferz cowl is popular!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Care and Laundering Instructions

In an effort to keep the design of my scarves streamlined, I omit care labels. Today, I received a message from a happy infinity owner inquiring about how to launder her scarf:

"Hi, I purchased one of your infinity double wrap scarves at Accent with Style in Milford, and would like your advice on how to wash it. It is a beautiful shiny blue material with a 9-inch piece of print material that is gray with red circles. Love it! Thanks! Paula in Wilton"

"Paula, what a nice surprise to see your message. I attached an image of the fabric(s) I think you described. Both fabrics, the other a velvet with some stretch, are a poly blend. My recommendation, in general, is to hand wash in cool water using Woolite (or another mild detergent) and hang to dry. 

If you feel compelled to machine-wash, which I do not wholly endorse, I have laundered similar scarves using a fine mesh garment bag with a mild detergent—in a front loading washing machine. NOT using a garment bag runs the risk of the material catching on a center spinner (of top loading machines). If you have a top loading machine I would hand wash—always.
As needed, iron on LIGHT setting with a pillow case between the iron and the scarf. I try to check my fabrics when I purchase them for blend/material content information and laundering. Sometimes it is not available. I am not a fan of the dry cleaning process (and its byproducts) so I avoid those fabrics. I hope this helps,  
The Trail Pixie, Emily Trespas"

I would like to add that it is important to wash separately (or with like colors) the first laundering, as some fabric dyes may transfer.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Branching Out: FIVE Shops Selling my Sewn Wares

With the weather growing colder, I am back to my sergers and sewing this season.  I am designing a lot of new infinity scarves— among other accessories—and must get them out into the world for others to enjoy. To this end I spent a few days networking and am happy to report that several stores will carry my sewn work.  This is exciting and makes me want to sew even more.

I am also busy getting things set up in my Etsy Shop: Trail Pixie Studios, coming in 2013.

This season my  Sewn Wares are Available Here:
20-40 Depot Street, Peterborough, NH (603) 924-2787
Unique infinity scarves and "ferz" cowls.

37 Wilton Road @ The Pine Valley Mill
Milford, NH (603) 654-9868
Infinity scarves and cowls, fleece hats/mittens, stuffed animals. 

457 NewHampshire
Route 123, Sharon, NH
(603) 924-7256
Infinity scarves in velvet, jersey and ferz. 

3 Barnard Street, Andover, MA
(978) 474-1995
Plushy fur cowls and infinities
Thank Taylor, shop co-owner! Ask her to show you my makings—ferz!

4 Slip Road, Greenfield, NH
(603) 547-2850
Infinity scarves and cowls, fleece hats/mittens, bags.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Getting Ready: Trail Pixie Studios

Welcome to Trail Pixie Studios. Some of you may know me as the Trail Pixie from my Trail Pixie Trespas or Gator-Bait Gaiters blogs—yes it is playful and curious me. Others might be visiting this blog for the first time and I thank you! To learn more about my other visual art and feel free to visit my website, I am not great at sitting still for long periods, have an active imagination and a fascination with the tactile, hands-on aspects of creating. Thankfully my interests are broad.  

Since I am currently not consumed by training and running trail ultras, I redirected my creative energies, in part, to designing/making accessories. (The other parts are reserved for my teaching of art, creating fine art, living get the picture.) 

Since I was in high school, 20+ years ago, I was busy making jewelry. During college and graduate school, I entered various holiday fairs with my jewelry and hats and was encouraged by the enthusiasm. After I began teaching full time in 1999, I was thankful to participate from time-to-time in open studio sales with other local artists and craftspeople in a beautiful Lawrence mill building. All these events directed me, along with the encouragement of peers and colleagues, to open an Etsy shop, Trail Pixie Studios. The Etsy shop is under construction and building slowing so bear with me, please.

This blog serves as an on-line sketch and idea space for the shop. I hope you enjoy what's to come!